Is daycare the right fit for my dog?


Perfect for Dogs who:

  • Are already well versed in socializing with other dogs
  • Have received previous exposure to positive reinforcement training
  • Are young and beginning their training journey

Daycare can be the perfect solution for you if you have a new puppy, have started puppy classes and work full time.  Our staff is experienced and are able to reinforce and practise behaviours you are already working on.  It's also great for dogs at any age who are adaptable and enjoy the company of other people and dogs.


Not Ideal for Dogs with:

  • A bite history 
  • Little to no training
  • With a display of reactivity toward dogs and people

Daycare is not the best fit for every dog.  Some dogs enjoy shorter period of socialization and can get frustrated being around dogs for 10hrs + a day.  Dogs with little training who need help self regulating their energy levels and interactions with other dogs may be better suited for a dog walk or hike.


Small Dog Day

A day devoted for dogs 25lbs and under! Do you have a small dog and worried about them getting trampled on by bigger dogs? We have the perfect day just for your small dog to play, stretch and make friends in a safe space with other dogs their size.

Our Facility


Out Door Space

Dog Meets World offers over 1500 square feet of space for dogs to play, explore and relax in. This includes our fenced-in outdoor play area allowing the dogs fresh air and sunshine all year long.


Indoor Space

Our clean and spacious indoor space features rubber floors that are easy to sanitize and are a safer surface for your dog to play on. Floors are vacuumed and mopped with a water bleach solution during the day and at the end of the day.


Exercise Pens

We have the ability to use exercise pens to create different zones for dogs to relax during drop off in the morning, when introducing new dogs or integrating different energy levels. All the gates have doors so we can easily take dogs into the outdoor space. Every dog is different and we have the flexibility and knowledge to maximize our space to set your dog up for success while at daycare.



Daniela Altvater

Dog Meets World is owned and operated by Daniela Altvater.  Daniela has extensive training and professional experience in the care of dogs. She is currently a student in Norma Jeanne Laurette's Canine Correspondence Studies program and working towards becoming a certified dog trainer.


dog*tec Certified Dog Walker

In 2015 Daniela was certified by The Toronto Centre for Canine Education as part of dog*tec's Dog Walking Academy. It is through this program that she learned about positive reinforcement training, how dogs communicate through body language and calming signals and the importance of size, age and temperament in creating consistent play groups and the skills to manage them using positive reinforcement techniques.


Pet First Aid Certified and Insured

Daniela is up to date in Pet First Aid Certification.

2017 Walks N Wags Pet First Aid Certified

2015 Dog Guru Pet First Aid Certified 

2015 St. John Ambulance Pet First Aid Certified

Dog Meets World is insured through Pro Fur.